The first Oregon gubernatorial debate is being held in Salem this Friday, the 18th of July. It will not be open to the public, but it will be broadcast throughout the state. 

No one can say for sure, but this may be an excellent opportunity for SAIF employees unhappy with the termination of CEO John Plotkin, as well as the Governors complete lack of response to their concerns.

There are five panelists who will be directing questions to the candidates, Incumbent Governor John Kitzhaber and State Representative Dennis Richardson. The list of those five debate panelists has been released, and they are all members of traditional Oregon media outlets.

SAIF employees just might be able to get a question directly to the governor and get some additional press for their cause.

If you would like to see your Governor address what is happening at SAIF, you might just want to take the opportunity to let these panelists know your question. A “concerned citizen” in Oregon kindly gathered the email addresses of those panelists and forwarded them to me. I am normally not a fan of posting people’s email addresses, but this is a special situation. 

They will only be below until after the debate. I will remove them after that time.

Might be interesting if one or two (hundred) people requested they ask about the current matters at the State Accident Insurance Fund. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do, but employees angry about how this was handled are about to endure months of delay and indecision while litigation drags on. This is Oregon’s media, folks. If you’re pissed you may want to let them know.

The debate is Friday morning at 10:15, so if you are interested, don’t delay.  

Therese Bottomly, managing editor for The Oregonian (Portland)
email removed

Larry Campbell, executive editor for The World (Coos Bay)
email removed

Dave Baker, managing editor for The Register Guard (Eugene)
email removed 

Kari Borgen, publisher for The Observer (La Grande) and the Baker City Herald
email removed

Peter Wong, Salem bureau reporter for The Portland Tribune
email removed


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