We get a lot of unique requests here at WorkersCompensation.com. Many of them are insurance related; people looking for insurance, looking for information on their claim, trying to file a claim, or report fraud somewhere in the country. Many people see us as the “governing body of all things workers' comp”, and the list of requests and queries we get is long and storied. Some of them are outright hilarious. Others quite sad.

One came in the other day, however, that caught my eye. I thought we would try to help someone out here. A lady in California emailed us a picture of a “Day's Since Lost Time Injury” sign, and asked us if we knew where she could find another. It appears to originally have come from SCIF, but according to the woman they have no idea where to get one today (Her actual words were “I'm getting the run-around and am a little frustrated”). It appears to be a cardboard sign with wheels behind it allowing for the numbers to be changed. There are certainly hi tech alternatives available, but they no doubt cost much more than this simple, yet functional sign.

You can click here to see a detailed view of the sign in question.

Simple question: Can someone out there give this woman a hand? If you know where she may obtain a replacement, please enter that info in the comment section below. It will not be published, but we will still have access to what you place there. Alternately, you can email us at info at workerscompensation.com (printed this way to avoid spambots). If you do email it to us, please put “Work Comp Sign” in the subject line so that we can help it get to the right person.

Thanks! No doubt one frustrated woman in California will appreciate your efforts, as shall we.


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