The RIMS conference in LA continues. It just wouldn’t be complete, however, without one of my stellar reviews of some of the social activities surrounding the event. As you might be aware, my selection of which parties to review and discuss is complex, and is based on a criteria of the highest standards.

Basically, you have to invite me to your party. Or let me crash it with Mark Walls. Whatever.

This year I was only invited to two conference gatherings, as hard as that is to believe, given my delightful and effervescent personality. Joe McLaughlin of Tristar graciously extended an invitation to his company’s Tuesday soirée at Trader Vic’s. My friends at MedRisk invited me to their annual bash at a truly unique Los Angeles locale called The Edison, where they again hit it out of the park. More on that in a moment. I did attend a third party at RIMS, an event hosted by CCMSI. I was able to sneak in behind Mark Walls, because, lets face it, Mark Walls is invited to everything. 

He lets me tag along if I agree to carry the urine bucket. (You really need to watch Mel Brooks “History of the World: Part 1” to fully understand that reference.)

The Tristar event at Trader Vic’s was packed. They had a big turnout, the beer was cold and the food, island themed. It was a fun event, and I had the opportunity to meet numerous people who had never been exposed to my unique charms and witty repartee. At least that’s the way I like to think of it…..

From there it was the CCMSI event at an Italian eatery called Soleto. Good wine, awesome pizza, killer sandwiches. We spent a fair amount of time here, as the food was quite good and the outdoor deck was a perfect spot given the great weather. I may have had a bit too much wine, but I seem to recall that at this party a senior editor of a print publication tried to buy my company, but I couldn’t break a twenty. Maybe next time.

Eventually it was time to move on, and the urine bucket at this point was getting pretty heavy, so I bid Walls adieu and ventured off on my own to the MedRisk party.

I was deeply honored when I walked up to the check in table outside The Edison, and a young lady there recognized me. She looked at me and said, “Oh, hi!”, and immediately started searching through a pile of preprinted name tags. I commented that she was very good, as I had not even given her my name. She responded with, “Oh, I know who you are. You’re Mark Walls!” 

Yeah, I get that a lot. Mark and I are definitely twin brothers of different mothers.

I was tempted for a moment to let that error play out. I thought of just getting pie eyed and running rampant through the event, slapping bottoms and offending senses, all while wearing Mark Walls name tag. I quickly decided that would not work, as some key people at MedRisk do know me, and the ruse would not likely work. Besides, tarnishing Walls reputation could result in less party crashing opportunities in the future. But I digress… 

The Edison was a great choice. It is in the basement of what I believe was the first private power plant in downtown LA. MedRisk seems to excel at finding old utility structures that are now cutting edge entertainment operations. Many from RIMS will recall their event last year in Philadelphia, at the old Water Works on the Schuylkill River. The Edison provided the same eclectic atmosphere, with an excellent band and “cirque du soleil” style entertainers dangling from the ceiling. First rate all around.

And that, my friends, is a quick summary of the (at least my) social life here at RIMS 2013. There were many more events – too many to mention. Besides, I wasn’t invited to those, so they do not get to benefit from my very special, liquor enhanced analysis.


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