Move over Secretary's Day, and forget Bring your Daughters' to Work Day. Apparently Sunday was Go Topless Day, and I missed it. Nuts.

Women in several cities apparently went topless that day in a coordinated move for “gender equality”.

Finally, a commemorative day I can stand behind. Or in front of. Whatever.

In Asheville, NC, “several hundred people turned out to rally in support of women baring their breasts in public”. Apparently it is legal in that state (Note to self: Schedule next vacation in North Carolina). Let's parse that quote a bit; While we don't actually know how many women turned out to participate, SEVERAL HUNDRED showed up to support them in the effort. Sounds a bit like spring break in Mexico.

In Venice Beach, CA, where a small number of women marched topless, leaders there said they would petition President Obama to make “Go Topless Day” a national event.

Where is President Clinton when you need him?

In Arizona, Go Topless marcher Jenn Duffy was quoted as saying, “By baring our breasts just as a man, it can bring us closer to gender equality by showing that they are not objects, they are parts of us that we are not ashamed of”. I am sure that is exactly what every guy along the parade route was thinking.

I will not be caught off guard next year. August 26th falls on a Monday in 2013, so our office will be prepared to participate. I know the women that work here will be thrilled to know that I am an enlightened leader, a visionary who “gets it”. They will know that, by our mandatory participation in “Go Topless Day” that they are true equals, and considered to be “just one of the guys”.

Except for Edna in Accounting. She is too much man for any of us.



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