It has been over a week since I have had a chance to write anything in my blog. This is largely because we were busy working to install and configure improved systems to host and manage it, along with all the other news items we run on a daily basis.

I am pleased to say that, while some mop up operations are still underway, the upgrade is mostly complete, and a bevy of new offerings are soon to be unveiled. In no certain order, they are:

1)    Improved formatting and presentation

2)    Mobile access for smartphones and PDA’s

3)    Improved commenting

4)    Rate comments and direct reply to comments

5)    Better integration with social networks

6)    Improved search functions

7)    Featured author section

8)    Preferred membership area for personal customization

9)    Improved video management

Personally I am most satisfied that our news and blogs will soon be offered via mobile access for smartphone users. I have made no secret that I believe wireless portability is going to change the way we work, and this improvement fits well within that view. We have been committed for over a decade to leading the industry in providing critical data, and this enhancement simply means we will continue that process along current technological trends.

Please take a few minutes to look around. You will notice a whole new format is already in place, and the improved comment area is active as well. Let us know what you think, and be sure to use the new “Social Bar” (below this article as well as to the upper right of it) to tell your friends on your preferred social network.

And of course, watch this area for announcements as we activate new features!


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