When we launched WorkersCompensation.com, now well over a decade ago (where does the time go?? I am clearly having too much fun) the internet was still in its infancy. Many states had yet to establish a web presence, and wireless networking was still largely theoretical. My cell phone was a Motorola Star Tac. Tablets were a form of pain relief. Video calls were still the stuff of Dick Tracy. iPhone, Wifi, Hot Spot, and 4G were still fantastical dreams. And Skyping was – well, it just wasn’t.

If I were suddenly beamed to the present directly from 1999, I would hardly recognize the place.

So I am thrilled that next week, at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference, I have the honor of moderating a pre-conference session on technology. "Awesome New Technologies: What You Need to Know to Drive Improvement", is really an extensive look forward – a glimpse at what is now possible and what incredible changes we are about to see. Prepping for this session has really made me realize how much has changed in just the last few years, but I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

Mark my word. In five years, you won’t know the place either.

The technology symposium is built around 4 very strong presenters, whose topics will be complemented by real life demonstrations of some of the best available technologies in the workers’ compensation industry. The 4 basic topic areas are:

  • Visit the Clouds — Cloud computing and how it will change the way we work
  • Equipment Roundup — Game-changing technology that is faster, portable
  • Security — Data protection in a risk-prone world
  • What's Up Now — Technologies and services that can help you do your job better today

The people covering these topics are Sandy Blunt, Ken Eichler, Patrick Venditti, and Kerwin Williams. Companies scheduled to perform cutting edge tech demos are Reed Group, Origami Risk, Systema Software, Med-Tek and CSC-Riskmaster.

I have high expectations for this presentation, as we will get to showcase all of the things that will so dramatically change the way we live and work in the coming years. I am proud that my company has been on the forefront of technology changes in the industry, and is a part of the information revolution we all continue to experience. I have been extremely fortunate to have occupied a front row seat to this show over the last 12 years, but truly believe we’ve only seen the opening credits. The performance itself should be awesome!


If you would like to learn more about the technology session Bob has discussed, visit www.wcconference.com.

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