I need a break. I don’t know about you, but it’s Friday, and I am Coronavirused out. I may not have the dreaded COVID-19 bug, but I am surely sick of talking about it, reading about it and generally living it each and every moment. I am tired of the constant flow of emails touting experts who are very willing to be interviewed and the companies that, while assuring us they really care, are also offering a discount if I buy during their “Coronavirus Crazy” promotions (or some such tacky nonsense like that). On this site alone, a search of our News Center produces 125 articles that contain the phrase “COVID-19” (as of Thursday afternoon. Probably more now). And that doesn’t include the COVID updates that are part of our WCR COVID Update Center, that also now appear in the News Center. 

So, in case you would like a short reprieve as well, here are some pictures of cats. And so as not to venture too far from the world of workers’ compensation to which this blog is usually committed, I will state that no cat was hurt during the production of this article.

We’ll start with Charlie, who joined our famliy after my father in law passed a couple months ago. She is still settling in, but in this picture decided to help me write my blog early one morning a few days ago.

The rest of these cats come to us courtesy of Pixabay.com.



And of course, we can’t leave the dog people out.


Have a nice weekend.


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