Last week we announced the winners of our 2019 Workers’ Comp Best Blogs contest. It is the fourth time we have run the program. This blog made the list once again, and, as I wrote after previous wins, while it might be suspicious that a guy who runs the company that holds the contest actually ends up being one of the winners, I can assure you it was legit. We exercised no undue influence on our panel of independent judges.

Thank you, independent judges. I appreciate your support. Also, as promised, your children are being released unharmed as you read this.

I also wish to thank the people who nominated this blog, and who continue to provide far more support and encouragement than I deserve. You know it is just all going to go to my head. Perhaps that is not a bad thing. A big giant head will make my big giant ass look smaller.

In all seriousness, I do appreciate the continued support and recognition for my musings from The Cluttered Desk. I also want to congratulate the other winners for 2019. It is a great accomplishment to be recognized by your industry.

It is a challenge to offer a program that is balanced, unbiased, and yet affords all worthy entrants the chance for fair consideration. To that end, I must recognize that it is not a perfect plan. Blogs being considered for the honor can only be in that situation when readers have taken the time and opportunity to nominate them for consideration. If no one bothers to do so, or simply assumes that “someone else” has already done it, columns worthy of consideration can be completely missed by the program. Unfortunately, there were some blogs I would have expected to see nominated this year that were not.

The proper staging of the Best Blogs program has been the subject of some discussion here. For those of us at to start nominating specific blogs we deem worthy would violate the independent nature of the program. This is a community driven recognition award, and we have elected to maintain a very “hands off” approach to the nomination and judging process. That does mean that sometimes blog readers may need to be reminded by the writers they enjoy that nominations are appreciated. Otherwise some good work may go unnominated and unrecognized. 

If we do this again, please remember to take one minute to nominate those blogs you like. You can’t assume that someone else has already done it. 

But for those who nominated this blog, thank you for that effort. It is greatly appreciated.

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