The call for submissions went out last week,
Articles of risk is the thing that they seek.
For Edition 223 it has now come time,
And this CAV shall be entirely in rhyme.

With Henry (or Hank), Tim, Julie too,
And other skilled writers scribing for you,
The world of risk is brought to your door,
A collection assembled as never before.

For the first round of risk right out of the gate,
Our own Henry Stern of InsureBlog fate,
Tells us online security may not be that stellar,
As a recent report puts it in the cellar.   

Blog Name: InsureBlog
Blogger Name: Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC
Post Name: (No) Need to Know
Summary: Just how risky is the site? InsureBlog wants you to know, but the folks who run it have heavily redacted their own report on its (in)security.

Next article up should cause agents alarm,
COI's it does seem, could cause them some harm,
Blogger Tim Dodge of Ask Tim fame,
Says continuing such is simply a shame.

Blog Name: Ask Tim
Blogger Name: Tim Dodge
Post Name: Insurance Agents: Stop Issuing Certificates of Insurance
Summary: Issuing certificates of insurance costs agencies hundreds of dollars, and they make it more likely that an agent will end up in court. Knowing this, why on earth do agents continue to issue them? I think they should stop.

The Healthcare Economist is next in the queue,
Jason Shafrin has EMR info for you,
There is a downside it seems that is no mystery,
Your personal health info just may be history.

Blog Name: Healthcare Economist
Blogger Name: Jason Shafrin
Post Name: The downside of EMRs
Summary: EMRs may improve care coordination and patient outcomes, but they do have a downside: the risk your personal health information is stolen.  The Healthcare Economists weights the risks and benefits of EMRs.

On a co-pay it appears we have much reliance,
The Health Business Blog says we must be in compliance,
Waiving out of pocket cost on preventative care,
May be less of a lamb and more of a bear.

Blog Name: Health Business Blog 
Blogger Name: David Williams
Post Name: An expensive $25 
Summary: It seems like good policy to waive out-of-pocket payments for preventive services like routine physicals. However, as I learned through direct experience, this component of Obamacare can lead to added administrative expense, hassle, and confusion.

Michael Stack piles on the health reform train,
With the changes in healthcare we cannot complain,
We must look at things differently – isn't that great,
And it all seems to start with the indy mandate.

Blog Name: Workers' Comp Roundup  
Blogger Name: Michael Stack
Post Name: Impact of Healthcare Reform on Workers' Compensation
Summary: The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (a/k/a Obamacare, or ACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010. This piece of legislation has changed the way we think about healthcare in the United States.  Among those changes is the “individual mandate,” which as of January 1, 2014, requires every person to obtain health insurance coverage or pay a tax based on family income.

In this day and age of danger aversion,
Is assuming more risk simply casting aspersion?
The Risk Management Monitor doth now report,
Optimistic employers see it as none of the sort.

Blog Name: Risk Management Monitor
Blogger Name: Hilary Tuttle
Post Name: Companies Report Increased Optimism and Risk Appetite
Summary: Hilary Tuttle, writing at the Risk Management Monitor blog, reports that employers are more optimistic, and willing to take on more risk.

And speaking of change – the climate's the thing,
Costs associated with it can certainly sting.
A Royal Society Report is out on the theme,
Lloyd's of London takes stock of weather extreme.

Blog Name: Lloyd's News and Insight
Blogger Name: Trevor Maynard
Post Name: Decisions Based On Evidence
Summary: Did you know that Lloy’ds of London has a blog? Well, they do, and in this post Trevor Maynard (does it get any more stiff-upper-lip than that?) reports on how global climate concerns are factored into the risk assessment process.

And can breaches at work bring you to your knees?
Rick Holland of Forrester helps us see the trees,
When your data is breached there is much you should do,
And it might be your fault if the force ain't with you.

Blog Name: Forrester
Blogger Name: Rick Holland
Post Name: The Millennium Falcon And Breach Responsibility
Summary: A long time ago, at a blog far, far away, Rick Holland draws parallels between the SW universe and risk management (and accountability).

Nearing the end we approach immigration,
The topic of topics gripping the nation,
Ferguson reports on Rousmaniere ruminations,
As she peels back the layers of his skillful ablations.

Blog Name: Workers' Comp Insider
Blogger Name: Julie Ferguson
Post Name: Workers Compensation & the Executive Order on Immigration
Summary: At Workers Comp Insider, Julie Ferguson features Peter Rousmaniere's postings on the seismic impact that the executive order related to immigration is likely to have on workers' compensation. Here's a hint of the scope: “…one-fifth of work injuries are likely sustained by a foreign-born workers, 10% by undocumented workers, whether or not they are reported.”

And finally the last from this CAV host du jour,
As we learn small employers aren't in on the tour,
Culture change in workers' comp is a critical bird,
But how do we know these employers get the word?

Blog Name: From Bob's Cluttered Desk
Blogger Name: Bob Wilson
Post Name: For Workers’ Comp Culture Change, How Do We Reach the Small Employer?
Summary: The people attending workers' compensation conferences or reading comp blogs are generally big employers, carriers or TPA’s. With almost half of the nation toiling for small employers, how do we reach them with critical information?

And now it is done. The die has been cast.
Two Hundred Twenty Three is now up and past.
The weeks will fly by. The time it will burn.
Our host in two weeks? The venerable Hank Stern. (

Hasta Lumbago, Baby.




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