I wrote recently that I do not often plug our services or products in this blog.  With that in mind I need to ask your indulgence just this once, as I am going to slightly bend that rule. This is going to be a big week for us in the realm of Social Media.

In a couple days we will be releasing, along with several strategic partners, the largest survey effort about social media ever conducted for the industry.

This past weekend our Twitter account, @wcconnections, hit the 2,000 follower mark, one of only a handful of accounts solely dedicated to workers’ comp to have hit that level. Our Twitter feed automatically tweets all new blog and news articles posted in our CompNewsNetwork area, and provides an excellent resource for people who want to stay on top of what is happening in workers' compensation. 2,000 followers tells us we are doing something right!

And as if that was just not enough, the group we co-manage with Becki Shafer on LinkedIn, the Workers’ Compensation Roundtable, will top the 7,000 member mark this week. It is just the second WC focused group to reach that level, behind only the powerhouse Work Comp Analysis Group so competently managed by Mark Walls.

And speaking of the WCAG, in a few weeks Mark will be announcing some nifty new features for his resource site, www.workcompanalysisgroup.com, which my company provides through a strategic partnership.

If it sometimes feels like we're everywhere, it seems that we are.

Social media is changing the landscape of information management and delivery in our industry. We are pleased that, as a pioneer in online workers’ compensation compliance information, we have been so successful at integrating new services in support of our own ongoing mission. The previously mentioned survey series is an effort being spearheaded by our own WorkCompResearch.com  to better understand not only social media’s application and use today, but also where the shifting sands of change will be taking it (and us) in the future.

These continue to be interesting times in the online arena. Certainly this week it is fair to describe us as all atwitter over the progress we’ve made, and the opportunities we see.

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